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Warm heart send with condolences, sincere help and love

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Carrying out the action of "Prospering ten thousand villages with ten thousand enterprises" is an important decision made by the Party Central Committee based on the reality of China's agricultural and rural development and focusing on the characteristics and advantages of private enterprises. It is an integral part of the Rural Revitalization Strategy, a driving force for building a new development pattern and an important starting point for promoting "two health".


On January 25, 2022, when it was a small year in the north, Dongsheng as the honorary deputy head of Hanzhen village, bungalow District, effectively promoted and implemented the work deployment of "Prospering 10000 villages with 10000 enterprises". Wang Haiying, deputy general manager, led a team to Hanzhen village to express condolences to the poor villagers and send blessings on behalf of the enterprise.

Under the leadership of Liu Hongwei, chairman of the Pingfang District Federation of industry and commerce, and village cadres, Wang Haiying and other condolences sent Spring Festival greetings to ten villagers. One villager's husband and wife are nearly 70 years old. Their wife has been in bed for many years and lives a hard life. They are very grateful to the bungalow District, community leaders and enterprises for their help, which has brought warmth to their home and hope to their life; Another poor villager, his 83 year old father, was half paralyzed. When he heard that the government and enterprises came home, the old Party member insisted that his daughter help him out of bed, hold our hands and say thank you. During the visit, Wang Haiying, on behalf of the enterprise, sent holiday condolences such as rice, flour, soybean oil, milk and roast chicken to the poor villagers, and wished the villagers good health, good luck and happy new year.


Visiting poor villagers during the Spring Festival is a solid and landing action in the "ten thousand enterprises prosper ten thousand villages" activity organized by the Federation of industry and commerce. The enterprise said that it must move forward with the leaders of the Federation of industry and commerce, take solid actions, and truly implement the important decision of the CPC Central Committee to "prosper ten thousand villages with ten thousand enterprises", so as to lift the poor villagers out of poverty and feel the warmth of the party and the people's government. It is also an important responsibility of entrepreneurs.

On the same day, Chen Rui, a deputy to the people's Congress of Nangang District and an employee of Dongsheng company, visited poor families and sent warmth to needy families. It was learned that one of the two elderly people in the poor household was ill and the other was physically disabled. The couple had low income from seeing doctors and taking medicine for many years, and it was very difficult to live. Chen Rui sent them living materials such as rice, noodles and oil, inquired in detail about the family status and health status, and told the two elderly to take good care of their health and strengthen their confidence in life. The condolences made the needy people feel the love and care, and narrowed the distance between the deputies to the National People's Congress and the masses. Chen Rui said that the visit will help to listen closely to the voice of the people. In the future work, he will continue to go deep into the front line to listen to the voice of the people, help the people solve their difficulties, care for the people in difficulty, and practice the responsibilities and responsibilities of deputies to the National People's Congress with practical actions.

Poverty alleviation and charity are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the business philosophy of Dongsheng. In the course of enterprise development, Dongsheng has donated money, materials and love in the Wenchuan earthquake, poor students in school, funding the young eagle project of Harbin Normal University, epidemic prevention and anti epidemic, etc. After 27 years of development, Dongsheng never forgets its original intention and corporate social responsibility, and transmits positive energy to the society with practical actions!